About Us

The Blount Youth Home was founded by Mel Blount and Clinton Blount just before Mel retired from the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1983. Mel and Clinton thought frequently of what their life's work was to be. They had seen too many boys lost to a system that was failing them. They decided to establish the Mel Blount Youth Home in Vidalia, Georgia to assist young boys in their pursuit to become a productive member of society. Longing to do more, in 1989 Mel decided to establish another Youth Home near his adopted hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. 

The Blount Youth Home is a residential treatment facility devoted to behavioral, health, academic, and vocational training of youth between the ages of 10-18 in South-East Georgia. We are located on a working farm approximately 60 miles west of Savannah in the agricultural city of Vidalia. The Blount Youth Home offers a full range of treatment services for adolescents and families which are individually tailored to meet the needs of each resident.


SELF-CONCEPT: Teach students to gain self–esteem and foster positive individual development for self and hold positive regard for others.

RESPECT: Foster respect for self, others and life. Mutual respect is encouraged between residents, families, staff, all members of society and the world around them.

ROLE MODELS: Promotes positive adult role models whose behavior our residents may emulate.

CULTURAL DIVERSITY: We support diversity and the uniqueness of each individual and the culture that contributes to our natural and learned identity.

EDUCATION: To teach individuals all the necessary skills to lead a productive life.

VOCATION: Development of skills and attitudes necessary for Multiple Trade Certifications, successful independent business development or employment.

REHABILITATION:  A turn around for our residents into positive, productive citizens with essential skills to live successfully in the community and gain employment.